KRISTOS ANDREWS as ‘Charlie Laudenslager’ – X GAMES SKATEBOARDING CHAMPION and two-times GUINNESS WORLD RECORD HOLDER,  Kristos Andrews is also known for his role as “Peter Garrett” on the award-winning and Emmy-nominated series THE BAY, and for his lead role as “Robert Areizaga Jr.” in the upcoming feature film THE SOUTHSIDE.  IMDb

DERRELL WHITT as ‘Jax Everett’ –  Derrell Whitt is known for his role as “Will Campbell” in the award-winning and Emmy-nominated series THE BAY.  He also starred in multiple independent films including THE SOUTHSIDE, LIGHTS OUT, THE INTRUDERS, AMBER SUNRISE, MANHATTANITES, and more.  IMDb

MACKENZIE MASON as ‘Paige Olsen’ – Best know for her portrayal as Cortana in the popular video game HALO 4, Mackenzie Mason also starred in various film projects including RULES OF ENGAGEMENT, A BEER TALE, FIXING PETE, and more.  IMDb

ADETOKUMBOH M’CORMACK as ‘Amos Williams’ – Starring in lead and supporting roles in such blockbuster hits as BATTLE LOS ANGELES and BLOOD DIAMOND, Adetokumboh M’Cormack has made guest appearances on over half a dozen popular television shows including LOST, GILMORE GIRLS, 24, and HEROES.   IMDb

LOUIS FERRIGNO JR. as ‘Josh’ – Louis Ferrigno Jr. is a former linebacker for USC, the son of the most recognized incredible hulk, and can be seen in the reality show THE INCREDIBLE FERRIGNOS.  His other film and television credits include 1313: NIGHT OF THE WINDOW and HERCULES UNBOUND!, as well as an upcoming appearance on DAYS OF OUR LIVES.  IMDb

MEG FOSTER as ‘Beverly Bonds’ – Meg Foster is a well known actress known for her film roles in such cult classics as MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE, LEVIATHAN, and John Carpenter’s THEY LIVE.  Foster also has a long list of credits in television including CAGNEY AND LACEY, QUANTUM LEAP, MIAMI VICE, STAR TREK: DEEP SPACE NINE, MURDER SHE WROTE, HERCULES: THE LEGENDARY JOURNEYS,  XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS, and more.   IMDb

LISA WILCOX as ‘Pam Laudenslager’ – Lisa Wilcox is best known for her lead roles in two of the NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET feature motion pictures THE DREAM MASTER and THE DREAM CHILD.  Wilcox recently starred in the TNT film SAVAGE and portrayed Florence Henderson in the made for TV movie THE UNAUTHORIZED BRADY BUNCH: THE FINAL DAYS.  Her TV credits include a regular on BILL AND TED’S EXCELLENT ADVENTURES, BOY MEETS WORLD, STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION, and more recently reuniting with Robert Englund in FEAR CLINIC.  IMDb

CHERIE JOHNSON as ‘Rosie’ ‘Producer’ – Famous for her roles in the the hit television sitcoms FAMILY MATTERS and PUNKY BREWSTER, Cherie Johnson is now an established producer as well as a best selling author.  She has a slew of credits in television and film including THE PARKERS, DAYS OF OUR LIVES, EVE, and more recently, the BET film “I DO… I DID, which she also produced.”  IMDb

ANTHONY AQUILINO as ‘Mickey’ ‘Producer’ – Reputable producer and actor known for his role as ‘Frank Ciccone’ in THE SOUTHSIDE, Anthony Aquilino has appeared as ‘Pete Andrews’ in the Emmy-nominated series THE BAY.  He can also be seen in the Jennifer Lopez film MAID IN MANHATTAN.  IMDb

VINCENT DE PAUL as ‘Hogan Manchester’ ‘Producer’ – Vincent De Paul has a long list of credits in film and television including the Academy Award winning films THE ARTIST and ALI.  His television credits include roles in MAD MEN, AS THE WORLD TURNS, and the Emmy-nominated series THE BAY. A member of the Producers Guild of America, De Paul is also a producer on the independent films WALK A MILE IN MY PRADAS, SILVER CASE and more.  IMDb

SEAN KANAN as ‘Gordon Plum’ – Sean Kanan is currently a series regular on GENERAL HOSPITAL and also played contract roles on YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS and THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL. Best known as the antagonist in the blockbuster hit KARATE KID III, Sean Kanan also starred in a supporting role in JACK RIO and many other films.  He is the author of the cookbook “The Modern Gentleman: Cooking and Entertaining with Sean Kanan.”  IMDb

GABRIELLE STONE as ‘Annie’ – Gabrielle Stone is the daughter of film icons Dee Wallace and Christopher Stone and has appeared in multiple independent films such as HENRY JOHN AND THE LITTLE BUG, 869, SILVER LAKE, and THE GUARDIAN. IMDb

CELESTE FIANNA as ‘Lily Laudenslager’ – Celeste Fianna played the lead role in the Rob Walker film BEYOND and plays a reoccurring role on the Emmy-nominated series THE BAY.  IMDb

IFA JOURNEY as the ‘Street Performer’ – Ifa Journey is a well known Reggae artist and the godson of Reggae legend Bob Marley.  His first appearance on screen was in the Robin Williams’ film CLUB PARADISE.  He also appeared in HAIR SHOW and more recently THE SOUTHSIDE, and DARKSIDE OF THE BAY, a spin-off of the Emmy-nominated series THE BAY.  IMDb

PAUL STORIALE as himself ‘Paul Storiale’ – Paul Storiale is the writer and director of the hit plays ONE NIGHT STANDS and THE COLUMBINE PROJECT.  Storiale is the creator of the popular web series GOSSIP BOY and will be playing himself in APCH.  IMDb


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